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Conflated Scenes

Conflations of both full and partial scenes are found throughout the lifespan of Attic polychrome white ground lekythoi (ca. 470-410 BCE). These conflated scenes often are combinations of prosthesis scenes or scenes in domestic settings with ones at the grave of the deceased, signified by the presence of a grave monument. When a domestic scene is conflated with a grave visit, it is easy to tell because objects will typically look as though they are suspended in the air freely, although they are meant to represent objects hanging on a wall. Sometimes conflated scenes are combinations of the deceased participating in an activity they enjoyed during life with a grave scene.

Please select a lekythos by clicking on its thumbnail image, then hover over the scene for its iconographic analysis. Below the image of each individual lekythos, you will find more information about it including its artist, date of production, and a description. Feel free to zoom in and out and drag the images after you select a thumbnail.

”Hunting     Prothesis Conflated with Grave Visit     

       Hunting Conflation                    Prothesis Conflation